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answers from avyakt murli 1969
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13. Now, you have to become complete embodiment of power. Now, you have to make others powerful through the powers that you yourself have received from the Father. Only such loving children will remain with the Father till the end. Where there is the combination of both love and power, the meeting of the soul […]

14. The more you are stable in the avyakt form, the more the actions performed by the senses will be according to the advice given by shrimat. Love has to be there for virtues not for five elements. The signs by which one is able to discern the avyakt stage in the life of all […]

15. You are bodiless in terms of the relations of the body and the thoughts of the mind.Only when the consciousness of the body is totally finished can it be said that your life is totally surrendered. You cannot renounce it now whilst there are still the karmic accounts with your body. You definitely have […]

16. Whatever is the extent of someone’s tolerance, his power increases accordingly. Those who stay in remembrance in every breath must definitely have the virtue of being tolerant. And because of being tolerant, their cheerfulness and power will be visible, there wont be any sign of weakness on their face. Sometimes, the stage of the […]

17. According to the time, the stage of being introverted, of going beyond sound, of being avyakt whilst engaged in action, should be visible and that is still lacking. You should be able to create whatever stage you want whenever you want. You have to make the mind practice this drill. You must definitely practice […]

18. Children will have the experience of the subtle region, but on the basis of a divine intellect. The alokik experience you have now will be all the more beneficial, alokik and unique when it is based on a divine intellect.

20. When children have pure attachment, they become the embodiment of it; they either become loving or they become detached. But BapDada is both loving and detached at the same time.When this difference that remains is finished, you will become introverted, avyakt and alokik subtle angels. Although you children are living in the corporeal world […]

19. Only those who are stable in the avyakt stage and introverted throughout the day will be able to remain stable in the avyakt stage at amritvela. There is not that intoxication or awareness of being embodiment of power. Instead of your being the embodiment of power, what has been mixed is laziness and the […]

21. The subtle region does exist, but instead of going to and coming from the subtle region, you now have to become a resident of the subtle region. This is BapDada’s hope in the children. There should not be lot of coming and going;this is not accurate. Instead of coming and going to and from […]

22. Become stable in the avyakt stage, you will get the answer. You receive a response instantly, but in between you have to let go off the corporeal form, and then you will be able to hear the response. In the avyakt stage, there is no need to know anything, Baba can know the things […]

23. Always pay attention whilst doing service, to the thought,”I did this. Only I can do this.” To have this consciousness of ‘I’ is called the arrogance of knowledge, the arrogance of the intellect, and the arrogance of service, the feeling of wilting and depression. Constantly remember one term,”I am an instrument” to maintain the […]

24. I must not have desires, I have to face everything. If I have any desires I will not be able to face situations.