How there will be success in service? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How there will be success in service?

7. By sitting on the throne of humility, with love, surrendered intellect and being ever-ready, you will be able to do all your work fulfil all your responsibilities accurately.

Give love to the young ones and regard to the older ones. You give love to receive regard. Together love and power bring success in service. You have to give rays of light and might to the world. No matter what the circumstances may be, their stage must always remain constant. Only then will there be success in all-round service. All of you must become stable in being the embodiment of power, and all your long lost and wandering devotees will be attracted to the magnet against their conscious wish and come. It will not take long. The main service that an elevated effort maker do and the proof of the intense effort of an intense effort maker is to enable anyone who comes in front of him to experience a living death. A time will come when you will enable them to go beyond in a second with drishti, and then there will be success in service and you will also have an impact. The more humble you are, there is more success in service. One becomes humble when there is the consciousness of being an instrument.

Everyone bows down to those who themselves bow first. You must carry-out all tasks whilst considering yourself to be an instrument, Just as the Father only takes the support of the body as an instrument, in the same way, you must consider that you have adopted this body only as an instrument for service. Then there will be humility. Then watch success come in front of you. You can serve with an attitude of your mind and your avyakt drishti. There is no bondage in serving through your attitude and vision. You should do service through that in which you are completely free.

As your power of discrimination becomes powerful, you will continue to have success. Because of your not being able to recognise fully, and because someone does not receive the method through which his fortune could open, there is not so much success in service. Very few heirs being created means that you were not able to perceive their pulse. You must also have the power to take decisions, there has to be the power to solve problems. Then you will be able to face anything, and after you have faced everything, you will attain success of the revelation of the yagya. Maintain your chart of how many souls you have given God’s message to, and whether you have been revealing God’s love and relationship to those souls through that message, through your thoughts, words and actions. Just to give a message is not service but to bring them in to relationships by love.

Get together and think about how the world can come to know what the time is and what task is being carried out. The message should reach them in some way. The service that should take place through the papers is not yet being carried out. In the form of one gathering, and by understanding one another and giving co-operation, you have to bring about an unlimited form in the unlimited service.