What are the gifts children receive from God? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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What are the gifts children receive from God?

8. Always keep the gifts from BapDada with you. Always remember the Father of His teachings that you always remain obedient and faithful to BapDada, instrument souls and the divine family members.

The gift of the Teacher are: Imbibe knowledge and imbibe virtues.
And teachings of the Guru is that you must always remain in unity.
You must remain constant and in the remembrance of One. You have received the teachings that you must never let go of courage and love.

What gift is BapDada giving you?
1) Stay in the love of the One at all times. Mine is One and none Other.
2) To be economical. The remembrance of One, and being economical.

These are the two gifts. No matter how much others may try to pull you towards themselves, there shouldn’t be anyone else for you. This is in context of the mind, and economy is in the context of action. So when your thoughts and actions are right, your words will also be right. You have to pay special attention to these two aspects. Generosity should be merged in economy. In order to go up in a lift, you have to become a gift for the Father, and then you also have to give what you have as a gift. You will have to give a gift as well as becoming a gift for the Father, for only then can you sit in the lift.