What was the stage of Adam-Brahma? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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What was the stage of Adam-Brahma?

10. Those who were stable in the avyakt stage knew and recognized the avyakt form. Adam-Brahma Baba said, I was experiencing how the soul was leaving the body, experiencing dead silence and I was watching how the power of the soul was leaving every part of the body one by one. I was experiencing the karmateet stage and what death is.

He was the one who was completely perfect, unshakeable, immovable and stable. You have to become like Him to give the proof of love. He showed you in actions, his main teachings were to be incorporeal, humble and to relate to one another with love. At the time of eating talking and eating, Baba seemed to disappear from the body for a second or two. Even whilst talking to someone, he used to see the bodiless form, the form of the soul. This was the effort being made in stabilising the self in the awareness of the point. You are lacking in this effort and therefore your sanskars do not change. The part of the corporeal form has finished, and therefore he gives a current from a distance.

The course of study through the body that had the part of teaching has finished. Now, Baba does not come to teach you but to meet you and entertain you. What did Baba do when he became bodiless and karmateet? He became a bird and flew away in a second. And so the study has now finished. But one task still remains: that of taking you with Him. This is why Baba now just comes to meet you,to entertain you with avyakt teachings and to make you fly. Nothing can happen without having some significance.