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answers from avyakt murli 1969
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28. All you shaktis have to become the goddesses who are like the volcano. You have to ignite such a fire in which the iron-aged world burns away. Through your every activity the divine activity of Bap and Dada should be visible. Only the Father should be seen in your eyes and only His knowledge […]

29. One who always has deep love for the Supreme Soul is considered to be always fortunate.

30. Until destruction takes place, Baba is with you. Brahma Baba has gone to the subtle region for a specific task. Children used to receive the warning from sakar form from time to time that such a time will come when you will only be able to meet BapDada from afar.

31. The main thing that everyone has to think about is never to allow your old sanskars to emerge. You have to finish them in thoughts. Finish the thoughts whilst they are still in thought form. Then, finally, your old sanskars will not emerge even in your thoughts. To the extent that your intellect, your […]

32. Those who continue to move along being a child as well as a master will have the main sign of firstly being creative and also egoless at the same time as being humble and the embodiments of love. You will be able to see all these four aspects in their every activity. Do not […]

33. Being the embodiment of love, according to the situations of the present time, you also have to be the embodiment of power to the same extent. Both should be simultaneous and equal. This is the sign of the final perfect stage of a shakti. When you consider yourself a guest, you will be able […]

34. Sometimes clouds come in front of the stars, sometimes stars change their position and sometimes, they even fall. Sometimes, when you see, they are very high, sometimes, they are in-between, and sometimes, they are even lower than that. So, do not change your position. If you do change your position, it should be to […]

35. To be egoless means to be a total renunciate. Such souls surrender everything that belongs to them. When you become a total renuciate, you imbibe all the virtues. Not to see the defect of others is also renunciation. If you have the practice of renunciation you will be able to renounce this also. To […]

36. Your food, drink and clothes etc are all moderate. Make a judgement in this way by being stable in the stage of being in-between and then continue to move along. In some aspects it is visible that you are either on one side or the other side to a greater extent, whereas you should […]

37. When you sit in yoga, when you stabilise yourself in the seed stage, there is no need to churn the ocean of knowledge. You can churn the ocean of knowledge even whilst walking, moving, bathing and eating. The time for a heart to heart conversation is fixed for amritvela. In the same way, when […]

38. At the time of eating talking and eating, Baba seemed to disappear from the body for a second or two. Even whilst talking to someone, he used to see the bodiless form, the form of the soul. This was the effort being made in stabilising the self in the awareness of the point. You […]

39. Because there is no knowledge, people call blankness as Samadhi. Seed stage is not like being blank, this is being the embodiment of knowledge. You churn knowledge to clarify some points, that is the second stage. Some simply entertain themselves with their experiences of sakar Baba, and that also can be called yoga. There […]