How to become an angel? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to become an angel?

20. When children have pure attachment, they become the embodiment of it; they either become loving or they become detached. But BapDada is both loving and detached at the same time.When this difference that remains is finished, you will become introverted, avyakt and alokik subtle angels.

Although you children are living in the corporeal world in a corporeal body, you have to remain as the form of light and might, so that anyone who sees you, sees you as an angel walking around.But that stage will only be possible when you sit in solitude, become introverted and check yourself. It is only through this stage that others will have a vision through you children.

The main speciality of angels is that they will remain light in all aspects. They remain light in thoughts, light in their speech, light in their actions and light in their relationships. If there is lightness in these four aspects, then that is the stage of an angel. Those who are light will be able to recognize the sanskars of any soul within a second. And they will also be able to make a decision, within a second, about whatever circumstance comes in front of them. This is the sign of being an angel. When all these virtues are practically visible in your actions, then understand that your perfect stage is close.