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answers from avyakt murli 1969
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58. It is not that you have recognized the Father and put everything in front of Him, No, those who have made such mistakes, not deliberately from their hearts, but sometimes it happened due to carelessness, have to write their life story. This is the final time. The accounts of eighty-four births are settled here, You use the words […]

59. The more you have faith in yourself, the more God will definitely become your Helper. One who is loving definitely receives co-operation. In order to receive co-operation from someone you must become loving. One who is loving does not have to ask for co-operation. When you have love for BapDada and love for the […]

60. You become karmateet not just by love but also with power. By power you get filled up with those sanskars. Whatever actions you perform throughout the day, that is, whilst living in your home, whatever you say, whatever you do and however you behave should all be the same. Only then will you quickly […]

61. In order to face any obstacles, you first need the power of discrimination. Then you need the power of making decisions. When you have decided that this is Maya, that it is not right;when you have decided whether something is of benefit or loss, whether it brings temporary attainment or permanent attainment, only after […]

62. The final paper will be of many fearsome situations, and you will be amidst situations which you would not wish to be in. Compared with that, the situations of today are nothing. The final paper will take place amidst the final situations. You must prepare for that beforehand. This is why when you see […]

63. When someone has love for a person, the face of the one he has love for is visible in his own face. That same light will be visible in his eyes. And there will only be words of love for that person emerging from his mouth. The image of love is visible from his […]

64. The greater the power of tolerance, the greater will be the success in service. The power of tolerance is also needed to stay within the gathering. The power of tolerance is needed for the final paper of destruction also. The more you become loving, the more love you have for someone, the greater the […]

65. There are children who become trapped in another type of love if they do not receive Godly love. You have to save yourself. This is the response to God’s love. You have to keep safe from : 1) there has to be purity in mind and 2) you should maintain such control that no […]

66. Sweet Child, remember the one thing so that you don’t fail in any aspect: Follow the Father. Follow the Father in everything that he demonstrated through the corporeal form and you cannot fail in any aspect. Whenever you see a situation in which you think you will fail, then remember: Am I following the […]

67. Sweet Child, the sweeter you become, the more you will cling to the Father. Together with unity, you have to have love for solitude. Just as you are number one in unity, you have to become number one in the subject of solitude. You also have to make yourself one who has love for […]

68. It is easy to create quantity, but God Father has the hope in the stars that you will now create quality. Even one soul of quality will automatically bring a quantity of souls. The extent to which you have divine qualities, accordingly, you will bring about souls with quality. You find things to be […]

69. Sweet Child, always pick up virtues. You have to be content in praise and defamation, benefit and loss, victory and defeat and also you have to be merciful. When you come into action, if you look towards each one’s special virtue, you will then forget all the other things. You have to make effort […]