How to deal with the wandering souls? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to deal with the wandering souls?

47. Many such souls will come in front of you; internally they will be one thing and externally something else. They will come to test you in different forms and colours in order to judge you. Therefore you must pay attention to what each one comes for and what his attitude is like. Be very cautious with impure souls. Day by day, there will be many such cases. There are many sinful souls. Calamities, untimely death and sinful actions are increasing, and so because their desires are not fulfilled, they wander as impure souls, and therefore you have to be very cautious about this. When an impure soul has entered someone else, you have to work with the power of yoga. You have to heat up each of your physical senses with the fire of yoga so that no one can attack you. If there is the slightest slackness, if any of your physical senses become slack, then it can enter you. Those impure souls are also very powerful. Maya’s power is no less. And even the elements of nature will carry on with their own work. In order to confront them, imbibe Godly power into yourself. At that time, you must not have love for it. At that time, you need to be the embodiment of power. You have to think about when you need to be the embodiment of love and when you need to be the embodiment of power. You need to be an embodiment of power in all these aspects. If such a person comes and you show him extra love, it can also cause damage. Have love for BapDada and the divine family. But with all the rest, you have to confront them with the form of power. Many children make mistakes and they are attracted by their love. That love increases and makes you weak, and therefore there is now the need to be the embodiment of power. At the moment, many different forms will come to entertain you, in the form of the soul and also in the form of the body. But don’t be entertained by them. Many examinations will come but they are nothing. Those who have the accurate power of discrimination can pass the examination. The greater your power of discrimination, the better you will pass the examination.