How to overcome fear? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to overcome fear?

48. The main method is to be incorporeal; the more you remain in the incorporeal stage, the more you will remain fearless. There is fear when you are in the body. Now, courage is needed. By surrendering yourself at every moment, at every step in every thought. Those who surrender themselves have greater courage. And so, the more you surrender yourselves, the more you will come close in the garland around Baba’s neck. You are not afraid, are you? The more you go into the depths, the more the fear will disappear. Until you go into the depths of something, there will be fear. There is fear because of the waves at the top of the ocean, but when you go to the bottom of the ocean, what happens in the depths? Together with the total stillness and silence, There is also attainment. Therefore, whenever there is any fear, go into the depths, and that fear will disappear.