What is remembrance? How to increase the power of making decisions? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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What is remembrance? How to increase the power of making decisions?

50. You should have the stage of remaining beyond, ever ready. The stage of remaining beyond is an easy method of remembrance. The pilgrimage of remembrance is just the method. Why are you taught the pilgrimage of remembrance? The main teaching of the Guru that you have to follow is to be bodiless, to be incorporeal and to be detached. You have the pilgrimage of remembrance so that even whilst in the corporeal form, you can remain incorporeal, detached and bodiless. Only when you become bodiless will you be able to return with the Guru. This is the main aspect that you are following and have to follow. What effort you have to make in order to increase the power of making decisions? You quickly say: The pilgrimage of remembrance. But what is the knowledge, the understanding, that gives power to the pilgrimage of remembrance? That also should clearly be in your intellect. You have kept the overall factor in mind, but sometimes it brings a loss. In a school, some children are able to give the overall result, but when their teacher asks how they arrived at the result, they get confused. And so, all of you speak of the pilgrimage of remembrance as the outcome, but you should also know the method from which the outcome is derived. So which main aspect is essential to increase the power of making decisions. The main nourishing food to increase the power of makig decisions is to be bodiless, incorporeal and detached in action. The incorporeal and the bodiless stages are a state of the intellect, but you should also be able to be detached whilst performing actions, and also remain unique so that seeing your every action, people feel that you are unique; that you are not mundane (lokik) but extra-ordinary (alokik). So, this is the most essential to increase the decision making power. This is an easy path but what makes the easy things difficult? (sanskars) Why do these sanskars emerge? By your forgetfulness, you create all these things. Whether they are the past sanskars or past karmic bondages, or the mistakes of the present time, the main reason for all these is your forgetfulness. Because of your forgetfulness, all these wasteful things make the easy things difficult. What will happen if you have remembrance? Remembrance means being perfect, and forgetfulness means being imperfect. When there is forgetfulness there are many obstacles, and when there is remembrance, everything is easy and perfect. If you continue to make the awareness of all that you have heard powerful, forgetfulness will automatically run away. If you do not let go of remembrance, how can you forget? There is darkness when the sun sets. If you maintain the sun of remembrance, there cannot be the darkness of forgetfulness.According to how much you practice the alokik drill of the intellect, to that extent, you will attain the aim of becoming what you want.