How to overcome attachment? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to overcome attachment?

55. The reason you come into the feeling of the corporeal is that you do not consider yourself to be a guest. You consider yourself to have a right over things, this is why you have attachment. If you consider yourself a guest, all these things will finish. You can only become a destroyer of attachment when you have true love (for God). Only those who have true love can become a sati. Whatever few devilish qualities are remaining, the code of conduct of the lokik clan, the strings of karmic bondages, the threads of attachment that are still tied, all of these have to be burnt. When all of these fall into the fire of love, they will all be broken. Attachment is created through the conscious of ‘mine’. The first promise that all of you made was: Whatever You say, that we will do. Whatever You feed us…..Wherever you make us sit…..Baba is making you sit in the subtle region. So, why do you come in the corporeal region? Remember that you will definitely fulfil the promise that you have made. The meaning of surrender is very great. Nothing of mine remains in that. When you surrender, you surrender your mind, body and wealth. Then how can you create thoughts that you wish to? How can you perform sinful actions through the body?
The stage of one who has given his mind is manmanabhav. His mind will be fixed on that One alone. In order to become a conqueror of attachment, remember your promises made to GodFather. Make a promise to yourself: From now on, I will not look at anything except the jewel (soul), and that I myself will become a jewel of the rosary and sparkle amidst the whole world. Only when you yourself become a jewel, will you sparkle. There will be revelation only when you make a promise. Make it firm that you will bring about the revelation, then your promise will definitely bring about revelation.