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answers from avyakt murli 1969
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46. A spiritual rose remains in the stage of a spirit and is always close to a spirit. You have to carry a burden on your head and you have to remove it also, but you must not get tired. Why do children feel tired? Because they do not consider themselves to be spiritual roses. […]

47. Many such souls will come in front of you; internally they will be one thing and externally something else. They will come to test you in different forms and colours in order to judge you. Therefore you must pay attention to what each one comes for and what his attitude is like. Be very […]

48. The main method is to be incorporeal; the more you remain in the incorporeal stage, the more you will remain fearless. There is fear when you are in the body. Now, courage is needed. By surrendering yourself at every moment, at every step in every thought. Those who surrender themselves have greater courage. And […]

49. To have the vision of brotherhood means to change the vision first, and then everything changes. This is why there is the praise that the world is created through vision. When you see the soul, this world appears to be old. The main effort is to change your vision, When your vision is changed, […]

50. You should have the stage of remaining beyond, ever ready. The stage of remaining beyond is an easy method of remembrance. The pilgrimage of remembrance is just the method. Why are you taught the pilgrimage of remembrance? The main teaching of the Guru that you have to follow is to be bodiless, to be […]

51. One main weakness is that you lack the practice of staying in solitude. And thesecond is that there is not unity. Solitude can be on physical level as well as on a subtle level; both are needed here. If you experience the bliss of being in solitude, you will not enjoy being extroverted. Remember […]

52. There are useless thoughts and wasteful actions only when you come into the corporeal form. When you have any waste thoughts, apply a full stop to them and you will become a dot.

53. All of you will experience within yourself the perfect form of the confluence age. You will know who your bhagats are and also who your subjects are. Those who are your subjects will come close to you and those who are your bhagats will eventually bow at your feet. So now the kingdom, or the […]

54. In any task, whether it is gross or subtle, firstly you must never lose courage and secondly, always maintain love for one another. Then there will be victory for the pandavas. When there is victory, the play comes to an end. Then you will be able to see the flag of the subtle stage […]

55. The reason you come into the feeling of the corporeal is that you do not consider yourself to be a guest. You consider yourself to have a right over things, this is why you have attachment. If you consider yourself a guest, all these things will finish. You can only become a destroyer of […]

56. If you do not see your own physical form or that of others and instead see the avyakt form, you will become an image that attracts. Think that you have incarnated in the body for Godly service. If you go with this awareness, then uniqueness will be visible in your every activity. People will […]

57. If you forget the discipline, then you also forget the Almighty Authority. If your disciplines are accurate, the stage of the self also remains accurate. Whenever you see any image (body), do not see the image but see the living being (soul) within the image. See that and the activities of that image. When you see the living being […]