How to pass with honour at the end? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to pass with honour at the end?

70. Sweet Child, those who become their own king at the confluence age can also become a king of the subjects. In order to be one who has all rights, you need to have the virtue of a generous heart. The more generous-hearted you are, the more you will have all rights.

You can only reveal the God Father through your sanskaras of perfection and your perfect shakti form. Although you have to create plans, those plans will only be successful when, together with the plans, you have total love. There should be plain remembrance; there should not be anything mixed in it. Only with plain remembrance can you be successful. It should be visible to everyone that your love of the intellect is only for the One. Even whilst having bondages of service, you must not stay in bondage. To be in bondage to any soul is not a sign of becoming free from bondage. This is why all of you have to pass this one subject with honour. You will be warned about that which you never thought or even dreamt about. Those who pass in such a paper will pass with honour.

The final paper is being announced in advance. You should be free from bondage at every moment. You should be free from any bondage even in terms of bondage of service. As soon as it is announced, you have to be ever ready and come onto the field. If you pass in this paper, it means you will have an avyakt stage. If you go beyond the consciousness of the body, the other things are not a big thing. It is through this that you can tell to what extent you have left the ropes of the boat of that life. One is the golden chain and the other is the iron chain. You have let go of the golden chain but now there are still the subtle golden chains. These are such that they are not visible to anyone. The final paper is of the final thoughts which lead you to your destination. To easily be free from the bondage of the body at the end is a sign of passing with honour. If there is any tightness, you will not be able to be liberated easily. Tightness means attachment to someone.This is why check one thing: has your costume become so loose that you are able to shed that costume in one second? If it is trapped somewhere, then there will be difficulty in shedding the costume. This is known as being ever-ready. Only those who are ever-ready in every aspect will be ever-ready to this extent. Because of being easy in the costume, it becomes easy to shed the costume.This is why you should try this at every moment. Only those who remain detached over a long period of time can be detached in one second. If there is not detachment over a long period of time, then this love for the body will make the soul repent. This is why you must not have love for it. The more detached you remain from this, to that extent you will be loved by the world. Therefore, this is the effort you have to make.

Today, you being told on which questions you will receive marks in the final paper.
1) there will be the question in the final result
2) you were told about revealing the Father through service till the end.
3) how many times you failed in your stage from the beginning to the end.

The full account will be announced. How many times you were victorious and how many times you failed. And if you did attain victory, in how much time did you do it? How long does it take it confront any situation that comes in front of you? You will also receive marks on this. The service done throughout your entire life, the stage of the self, and the proof of service till the end; these three things will be considered. Even now, if you still have a weakness in these aspects, then remove them and make up for it.