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answers from avyakt murli 1969
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1. What is soul consciousness? What is the final stage? At the end, the body will become completely still and peaceful, this is known as soul consciousness. Now, because there are still some outstanding karmic accounts, your body draws your attention. Soul consciousness means an avyakt stage. The more you stabilize in this stage, whether […]

2. Dear Most Beloved Father, how to make effort? Sweet child, make effort such that all leaves of the old sanskars and bodily relations of the past can easily shed, and you can stabilise yourself in the seed (karmateet) stage. None of the sanskars get stuck so that you have to struggle (due to karmic […]

3. Give regard to one another’s suggestions in order to maintain love within the gathering. Even if someone gives an idea and you don’t like it, do not immediately reject their suggestion. First give regard to his ideas:”Yes, why not? It is very good.” By doing this, the force of their insistence is tempered a […]

4. When you have both love and power in your drishti, like the Father, then souls will come close.

5. Sweet child, give everyone the message to be the embodiment of power and the embodiment of love. Two words: Unshakeable and Constant. Keep this in the locker of your intellect as gift.

6. Not only when you sit in solitude, but also come in the corporeal form while being stable in the avyakt stage. You have to be the jewels of constant karmateet stage. The main teaching for the children is that they should come in the corporeal form whilst being stable in the avyakt stage. When […]

7. By sitting on the throne of humility, with love, surrendered intellect and being ever-ready, you will be able to do all your work fulfil all your responsibilities accurately. Give love to the young ones and regard to the older ones. You give love to receive regard. Together love and power bring success in service. […]

8. Always keep the gifts from BapDada with you. Always remember the Father of His teachings that you always remain obedient and faithful to BapDada, instrument souls and the divine family members. The gift of the Teacher are: Imbibe knowledge and imbibe virtues. And teachings of the Guru is that you must always remain in […]

9. Whilst in the corporeal form, you have to stabilize in the avyakt stage. Then there will not be any upheaval in that stage.

10. Those who were stable in the avyakt stage knew and recognized the avyakt form. Adam-Brahma Baba said, I was experiencing how the soul was leaving the body, experiencing dead silence and I was watching how the power of the soul was leaving every part of the body one by one. I was experiencing the […]

11. Those whose hand and company of the intellect is slack will continue to rock about. This is why children have to pay special attention to keep the hand of the intellect strongly in Baba’s hand.

12. If you look whilst in the vyakt (body consciousness) stage, you will not be able to see the Father. Only children who are stable in the avyakt (bodiless) stage will understand this. The children will be able to have the experience of avyakt meeting to the extent their intellects are clear.